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Title: It's Like Your Hand
Rating: Adult. ish. Approximately.
Notes: 9500 words of Pop/SGA crossover crack. Here be RPS, mentions of GSF, and a host of other acronyms. Beta by [ profile] terrio, who is thankfully a night owl. ;-)

You know how sometimes you write something and decide only your nearest and dearest, the ones who mock the most affectionately, will ever see it? This is that story. Except how I always post that story. Whee!

Oh, eta, this started out as a story for [ profile] sga_flashfic's 'This is not happening' challenge, but then it grew and changed, so I'll have to write something else for that, because it's such a neat prompt.

It's Like Your Hand )
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So, in combined honor of Trickyfish Day and WIP Amnesty, I present bits and pieces of the trickyfish Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story I started writing...3+ years ago. It was a cool idea. I had maps. I will never, ever finish it.

Snippets! No editing, no order! Have, um, fun. *g*

Show Yourself )

The Price of Socks in Spain )

Yes )

False Color )

Lance Bass Stayed Out of Trouble )

Seven Things at Once )

ETA: One day I will master cut tags. Today? Not that day.
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New Year's Eve was a blast, although it had a bad start when I drove around for 4 hours trying to meet up with [ profile] misspamela to see Brokeback Mountain. Rte 128/95 is NOT my friend and an hour and a half after the movie started, I finally made it to the right town but the wrong theatre. I didn't even KNOW there were 2 theatres in that town. Grarrrrgh.

But a couple hours after I got home, Trisha and I met up with some of my friends for dinner, then we headed down to Providence despite horrid road conditions--ice, snow, all the fun stuff. Many hours of drinking later, six of us (the non-wimps! :-p) were out in front of the townhouse having the best snowball fight of all time, omg, so much fun! I went to bed around 4 and then woke up around 9 and came home feeling ridiculously hungover--seriously, okay, I don't know what it is about parties in Providence but I come home a *mess*--and yet also ridiculously cheerful.

In fannish news, it's DWNOGA and Yuletide reveal time!

This year, I wrote two DWNOGA stories. One for [ profile] lilysaid, Everything in its Place, GSF. Notes )

I also wrote The Only Constant for [ profile] ephemera_pop, Chris/Lance. Notes )

For Yuletide, I wrote Good for You, Eric/Vince from Entourage, for [ profile] estrella30. Notes )

Big thanks to [ profile] firequill, who wrote Chris/AJ for me (Check, double check) for SeSa!

And also to [ profile] gritkitty, who wrote me what is now one of my favorite Master & Commander stories ever, The Murmuring of Bees Has Ceased.

Aaaaand that is the New Year's roundup, I guess. Best wishes for a wonderful 2006, guys--you all deserve it! :)
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New fic!

Another of the donation stories I promised in this post. This one is for [ profile] silveryscrape, who asked for 4000 words of timbertrick.

The story is actually about 8200 words long, but don't worry, [ profile] silveryscrape, I'm not gonna charge you for the extras. They're all completely cracked, so we'll just call it a deal. ;-) And, just for you, I used Chris's instead of Chris'!

Anyway, 42k of timbertrick behind the cut.

Quiver )
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All righty, we have the first of the fics I promised in this post.

[ profile] mickeym, this one is for you. Euro TrickC, a little more than the requested 2000 words. Hope you like it!

Get to This )

And as usual, thanks to [ profile] kaneko and [ profile] merryish for beta!


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