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Happy New Year, everyone!

I emerge from my incredibly hungover (bright idea: pulls of jack, jager & champagne, so classy), blinking, glazed state to announce that I'm resolved to organize and tag my fic and update my webpage frequently (ahahahaa), and to do my Yuletide reveals.

For Yuletide, I wrote Get Where You've Been Going for [ profile] iamtheenemy who guessed it was me based on my, um, 2005 Yuletide Entourage story. ;-)

I was so glad to get Entourage again this year--I love Vince/Eric but only ever seem to write them in gift stories. I may try to mix it up this year and write 'em unprompted and not be so predictable at Yuletide time...but I bet that come next year they're on my list again. It's just that I LOVE them! *grins*

I also received an Entourage story this year, What Happens in Vegas by [ profile] azewewish, about which I left stunningly incoherent feedback, and will have to do better. Fun fun story, with lots of the snarky, bitchy banter I so love!

At 10:30 on Christmas Eve, [ profile] astolat said that we needed a pinch hit/stocking stuffer. I wrote a crossover between The Chronicles of Chrestomanci and Howl's Moving Castle, Silvers Not as Dazzling, for [ profile] caudelac in a gleeful Chrestomanci and Howl! kind of daze.

Then I spent a good chunk of time feeding a chat room full of people quotes about Chrestomanci from the books. God, I love Diana Wynne Jones' characters. They're insanely charming.

Aaaaand that was Yuletide. A million (or 1052) thanks to [ profile] elynross and [ profile] astolat for running this beast of a fic exchange so smoothly and so well--it really makes the holidays brighter. I love it, and can't wait to go again.
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I wrote a ficlet, 800 words or so, of Entourage fic for [ profile] merryish on account of her being all broken or something. ;-)

Hell of a Show
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New Year's Eve was a blast, although it had a bad start when I drove around for 4 hours trying to meet up with [ profile] misspamela to see Brokeback Mountain. Rte 128/95 is NOT my friend and an hour and a half after the movie started, I finally made it to the right town but the wrong theatre. I didn't even KNOW there were 2 theatres in that town. Grarrrrgh.

But a couple hours after I got home, Trisha and I met up with some of my friends for dinner, then we headed down to Providence despite horrid road conditions--ice, snow, all the fun stuff. Many hours of drinking later, six of us (the non-wimps! :-p) were out in front of the townhouse having the best snowball fight of all time, omg, so much fun! I went to bed around 4 and then woke up around 9 and came home feeling ridiculously hungover--seriously, okay, I don't know what it is about parties in Providence but I come home a *mess*--and yet also ridiculously cheerful.

In fannish news, it's DWNOGA and Yuletide reveal time!

This year, I wrote two DWNOGA stories. One for [ profile] lilysaid, Everything in its Place, GSF. Notes )

I also wrote The Only Constant for [ profile] ephemera_pop, Chris/Lance. Notes )

For Yuletide, I wrote Good for You, Eric/Vince from Entourage, for [ profile] estrella30. Notes )

Big thanks to [ profile] firequill, who wrote Chris/AJ for me (Check, double check) for SeSa!

And also to [ profile] gritkitty, who wrote me what is now one of my favorite Master & Commander stories ever, The Murmuring of Bees Has Ceased.

Aaaaand that is the New Year's roundup, I guess. Best wishes for a wonderful 2006, guys--you all deserve it! :)


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