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Dear Pete Wentz,

Keep a picture of dorian gray in my attic



someone who actually wouldn't mind if you made some of the other stories we tell on road trips canon. *G*

ps, in lieu of gas money, you owe me lots of reenactments of road trip favorite "someone's touching my back!" this is only fair, considering how many times we have reenacted it for you. tyk, g.
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Title: Directly You Will Be Directed in the Right Direction
Author: [ profile] giddygeek
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Notes: You know, a year ago, I thought I was done writing SGA. *grins* This one is Vegas AU-verse, both pre- and post-ep. 1500 words. Many thanks to [ profile] merryish and [ profile] cesperanza for beta!

The wormhole spat him out at his own feet. )
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The Curious Case of That Time with the Thing -- 5800 words, Shawn/Gus from Psych. This was my Yuletide story, written for Skeiler. I fricking loved writing this story. It was so much fun, and they're so much fun! Shawn is like the perfect character for me, he and Gus are the perfect partners for each other, and I just love them.

When I got my recipient's request form, I thought, OMG, I don't know if I can actually write that show, what was I thinking! I considered writing one of the other fandoms that we don't actually match on but I really like the source material (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell). In the end, I think this worked out much better than that would have. *G*

Including Yuletide, this year I wrote 15 stories in four fandoms, for a total of 40,300 words. A lot of them were request fics. Not my best year for word count but when I was putting together the list of what I'd written, I was still pleased with all of the stories, which almost never happens.

Some things that stood out for me --

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails Pete/Patrick, 6000 words for [ profile] kalpurna. This was probably the most challenging story I wrote this year, and the one I was most uncertain of -- and now that I have a little distance from it, I have really good feelings about it.

The Stars from the Ground Jack/Ianto, 2600 words for [ profile] misspamela. For some reason, most of my Torchwood fic is not as fluffy as what I usually write. This one, however, is a flat out fluffy wallow and I just love it to bits.

Go Out Swinging John/Rodney, 3200 words. I surprised myself with this one -- I thought I was finished writing SGA. But I had so much fun with John and Rodney in this that I wrote them a couple more times before the end of the year. And oh, do I ever want to write Vegas stories. Lots and lots of Vegas stories. *G*

The complete list of 2008 stories. )

Threesomes, penguins, nursing homes, first dates, genderswaps, jails on strange planets, and running out of gas on deserted highways. I sure do have a lot of fun at the expense of people I like. *G*
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So I read back to skip=380 to get me to yesterday afternoon, and then I sniffled like an idiot for a couple minutes. You guys, 2008. It hadn't really hit me until now that it was over, because yesterday I was so BUSY --

I drove very slowly through a ridiculous snowstorm with [ profile] janet_carter to pick up [ profile] impertinence and [ profile] loveyouallwrong, bought ALL of the alcohol, drove to NJ to pick up [ profile] kalpurna, and met THE INTERNET at [ profile] fayemeadows apartment for NYE shenanigans, cuddling, and fireworks viewed across the entire horizon from Faye's amazing balcony. I was putting on my coat at midnight so I missed the big moment, and then I went right back to hours of more shenanigans, cuddling, and laughing, until we left to spend the night with THE INTERNET in PA.

This morning, we all got up and dressed with remarkable efficiency, then went to a diner and drank all of the coffee, before hitting the road for home. *tired!*

As many of you know, I had a gastric bypass in September. It's weird, but it seemed to sort of change how I viewed time this year -- in my mind, everything either happened in September (surgery, MissP's baby, the election) or in 2007 (everything else).

But 2008 brought me so much -- more of everything than I ever expected )

It seems to me like 2008 was the kind of year where lessons were (kind of) learned, joy and misery were had in wonderfully unbalanced proportions, much cold was endured for silly reasons, and many mashed potatoes were ruined.

But the things I am going to take with me to 2009 are surprise and gratitude -- for the love so many of you showed me this year, and how deeply and sincerely I love you back.

Happy New Year, you guys. It feels like a good one. <3
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You know, the thing is that Fall Out Boy shows do not get old. I've seen them quite a few times now, from big shows that were scripted to the last detail to the Harper's Ferry show where they took audience requests, and I've had a great time at all of them.

It's partially the company I keep at these things, for sure--you guys are most awesome. But they come on and I'm riveted for as long as it takes them to do their thing, and usually I'm wishing they were up there longer. I find them ridiculously dynamic and entertaining and as much as I love the albums, I love everything so much more when they're doing it live. I just give them an A++ for being fun!

For the curious, that's at least 120% more fun than Tyga. Fuckin Tyga, you guys. When the most dazzling thing about your mercifully brief performance is your ginormous Garfield bling (!!!) and the epic introduction music that you couldn't hope to live up to, well. Well. All I'm saying is, it doesn't matter how often I have to see Tyga in the name of bands I like, I will not be buying his CD. Eeeever.

Okay, maybe if someone promised me that the money I spend will go directly towards getting Tyga some cheeseburgers. If they will accept food in lieu of payment, perhaps.

Even with the 20 minute Tyga interlude, the show was totally worth the $12 I spent on tickets and the time in the car with [ profile] loveyouallwrong. Although the part of the evening where she refused to go with me into the rest area bathroom and protect me from ET/axe murderers/annoying people so I could change into my pajama pants without an audience of truckers, just because she was already in her pajama pants, has marked her as a future victim of my horrible wrath. Muahaha.

Also, the interesting new thing (to me) was that as much as I love IOH, if there was a show where they did nothing but songs off FUCT and FAD, I'd go. Twice. More, if there were bear dancers doing choreographed fight scenes like the one last night. That was HIGH ART, you guys. CLASSIC. <3<3<3

The other interesting thing, Pete Wentz's inability to go a song without harassing or cuddling Patrick. This is not new, no. BUT last night he had this total thing going for Patrick's hat and kept putting his hands on it, and the first time Patrick looked like he was going to throw a fit for about .5 seconds before he decided to deal, and I died. Me and Lea love telling each other the story where Patrick is an incredibly awful person to hang out with if you're not actively interested in his beats that second, and the only reason he and Pete are BFF is that Pete is even more annoying. I literally just lol and lol and that was like, a visual representation )

The other other interesting thing that isn't new is how tiny Patrick Stump is. That is one little dude, you guys. We were talking last night about how you read a lot of reviews and etc that describe Patrick as basically a fat dude, and I'm not here to say he's got no excess body fat, but. Every time I see them in person, I realize all over again: Patrick Stump does not shop at the Large Men's Big & Tall.

Aaaaaanyway, those are my bandom not-very-deep thoughts. I wish I'd gotten to see more of you guys last night. Team Philly, it is always a blast to hang out with your charming selves, especially when you are bundled up and adorably covered in snow, or dancing along with just about everything, or being coat check NINJAS. [ profile] eleanor_lavish and [ profile] schuyler, I was glad to have ended up close enough to say hi, even if you were frustratingly just out of reach. People I didn't see last night--well, I'll probably see you next week or something, the way things are going. ♥ ♥ ♥


Dec. 10th, 2008 01:19 pm
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I cracked and got a twitter account. Happydork was already claimed! D: Boo for people using my secret identity before I even get the chance. So I'm over there as ykeegyddig. Just in case I happen to have pulled you out of the contacts in my email and there's a notification but you do not have a mirror.

There are plenty of people on my f'list with twitters who were not in my email contacts, though. Leave me your names?

I'm going to say the same thing about twitter that I said about LJ: I'm probably not going to use it much, and maybe even forget I have it. That means I'll be on twitter until at least 2016 and use it obnoxiously all the time. *beams*
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Dear Livejournals,

Listen, I watched the X-Files for 9 years without ever seeing anything this scary.

o.O )

i wish i could unsee the last 30 seconds, is all.
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Spaghetti Thanksgiving! <3

Dear everyone who woke up in the middle of the night to find Sally staring at them from inches away, like the tiny fluffy creep she is: sorry about that! She just, uh, you know. Is Sally. Sometimes she juggles? I don't really get her either, tbh.

There was so so much fail on my part with the food--all was well until [ profile] loveyouallwrong left me alone Saturday when she went to go pick up [ profile] bayleaf, and then my roommate went out to pick up cheese and aluminum foil. It was like, the second they left the house, DISASTER.

Well, and okay, so maybe a little disaster Friday night. But have you ever tried to get cooling caramel off your hands and onto soft cookies without making a mess or looking like an idiot? No? Give it a try sometime. IMPOSSIBLE. I was standing there saying, LEA, HELP, and she was just staring at me with disbelieving eyes, all, I DO NOT KNOW HOW. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Ridiculousness, that's what I did. Jeez.

Not that she's much better. Ask her about the tar pit she made in a coffee mug. Amazing.

But the second batch of mashed potatoes was not as bad as the first batch, and two people + two pots + three potholders managed to rescue the spaghetti sauce. The cookies were awesome, and absolutely nothing went wrong with the baked mac & cheese. \o/ Overall, I'm calling dinner a success! )

Come back for Pizza Christmas and Folie A Deux Dance Party, fandom! *warns for tone change* < sarcasm> Jack the Cat already misses you guys. </ sarcasm> *grins*
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[ profile] reginagiraffe! This one is for you, what with my excitement about your visit coming up, and all. *grins*

1800 words (I'm really sticking to that 100-500 thing), Sheppard/McKay.

Come Again (When You Can't Stay So Long) )
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[ profile] marksykins, yooohoooo, Maaaaarksy, I have written you a wallow, with a little bit of soccer, because yes. <3

Pete/Patrick, 1050 words of ridiculous wallowing.

A Game for Delicate Boys )
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[ profile] thefourthvine, this one is for you! 1100 words, John/Rodney, sort of very loosely taken from your prompt. Hope you like it!

Also, apparently the trick to writing 1000 word stories is to say I'm writing 100-500 word stories. *grins*

A Sunburn at Premium Prices )
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Hey, [ profile] loveyouallwrong, so when I said 100-500 words, I actually meant 1100 words. \o/?

Pete/Patrick ficlet, about the question you never hear. No beta, no editing -- like Nano, only real tiny! *G*

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is so Last Decade )
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So, prompts. I'm asking for 'em!

This is going to be one of the slowest weeks ever at work. Despite all that, we have to work a full day Wednesday and a full day Friday.

Just to give you an example of what happens when I'm bored: there's a mutated green M&M on my desk that I keep giving to my supervisor in elaborate boxes made of office supplies, sometimes with art. I'm going to get fired, and not for slacking, not for misuse of company supplies (since it's all stuff I bought anyway), but because my supervisor really hates this M&M and doesn't want to see it anymore.

Or so she says. She does keep giving it back.

Anyway, offer's open! John/Rodney, Jack/Ianto, Pete/Patrick -- [ profile] astolat, you can ask for Cook/Archie, if you're in the mood *grins* -- and this time I'm only promising 100-500 words. Whenever I promise 1000 I end up writing 3000-5000 and don't get to all the prompts, and then I feel like a jerk.

Which I'm not actually, no matter what the M&M thing may suggest. *beams*

eta: Okay, I think I'm good!
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Dear Bandfleshers,

I've posted before about how I didn't think any community that had so many of my favorite people in it could be a bad place, and I sometimes cruised through and snort-laughed at the ridiculous things you all posted. Lea pointed me to a comment thread on Pete and Patrick's Guiness Book interviews and the hypothetical things they'd say and I ended up leaving that tab open for DAYS. It was not even the funniest thing you had going, but it killed me. You lost a lot of hilarious stuff, and sweet stuff, and comforting stuff, and I'm very sorry.

I know bandflesh meant a lot to you guys. It meant something to me too, mostly because many of you have formed very tight bonds of friendship, and I've gotten to enjoy your company and your jokes.

Fandom should be outraged by what happened, so far as I'm concerned. Anyone who, for whatever reason, would decide to go through and systematically delete and erase an entire community should be run out of fandom on a rail. I almost hate to address it because I'm afraid that someone somewhere is sitting back and really getting a kick out of what they did and how it made all of you feel, and I don't want to give them an ounce more of satisfaction, but honestly. Word will get out eventually, and I am going to really enjoy the public shaming and shunning that are sure to happen.

Until then, I hope that you guys start where you left off, even if at first it doesn't feel the same. I hope you enjoy many more years of wooden legs and stories about robots and less than subtle code names. I hope you'll keep sharing the fun, and helping each other through the things that aren't fun, and being the hilarious, generous, sometimes spiteful, always entertaining community you've always been.

You're part of what keeps bandom going, dudes. Some of us appreciate that more than you know.

With much love and regret,


Woe :(

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:15 am
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My computer crashed last night big time, after days and days of being troublesome. I went to go do a system restore, but the only restore points available were the last 4 days, which were useless to me. Then--blammo. The poor thing was OUT. Now I can't even get it to boot up in safe mode. The thing is so old and decrepit it's really not worth repairing, although I'm very :(:(:( about my files and hope they can be salvaged somehow.

My laptop is also a troubled creature which works when it pleases (not very often and for not very long). I've been meaning to get it fixed for um...two years. My current computerless state is my own darn fault. *grins*

Anyway, I am likely to be a bit AFK until I get a new desktop or something, and I'm not sure when I'll do that. Just FYI!
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I should be sleeping, but instead I am listening to the new duet [ profile] icecreamhdaches linked--it is fascinating me! It's sort of like Peter Gabriel singing with Rasputina. Maybe after Rasputina had spent some time taking in Muse shows. That means it is right up my alley. *grins* I kind of ridiculously love it!

Patrick Stump, how so consistently awesome?

I guess this is as good a time as any to add my very short Dear Yuletide Writer note to the mix-- )
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We lost power at some point last night. Intern A and I both woke up--I don't know if the power outage came with a bang, maybe? And she was like, "Oh, okay," and shuffled back to her room, and I was like, "IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD? ARE THERE ZOMBIES? ARE THERE APOCALYPSE ZOMBIES?"

I got very nervous for no good reason and like, walked up and down the street trying to see how far the outage went. Then I...may have shone my cellphone into the cellar after testing that light to be sure it was our whole building, and getting creeped the fuck out by the idea of someone cutting the power and hiding down there. WTF, me? That's a classic horror movie no-no. I was lucky a zombie didn't come up the stairs at me just because I was being dumb! A zombie to the face was no less than I deserved!

I came back inside and Intern A came out of her room and said, "Couldn't you...just go back to sleep until the power comes on?" No, no I could NOT. I lit some candles and stared out windows until 6am, when the power came back on, and then I passed out for 3 hours and woke up sane again. \o/

In other news, I love Andy Hurley's existence. Between the blogs and the twitter it's like, WE MUST RIGHT SOCIAL INJUSTICES. VOTE! All civilization is going to crumble and disappear. YAY OBAMA! I'm a giant sap who adores all his friends ridiculously. VEGAN PIZZA! PORN! How such a hidden source of the best of all internets, Hurley? <3<3<3
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[ profile] bayleaf reminded me, I've been meaning to make a post about Spaghetti Thanksgiving! Saturday nights suck for info posts, but if I don't do it now I'll just keep forgetting, so here we go.

A rundown on details:

- Yes, it is still on!

- It'll be Saturday, Nov 29th. Dinner will be held late afternoon.

- Come over whenever you like after 6pm on Friday; I will have to work that day.

- Sleepover guests are welcome! I think most of the people who said yes have been here before and know how that works--just let me know when you'll be here so that I can make sure you've got a comfortable place to sleep.

- The menu is known to most in bandom *grins* and is fairly obvious anyway! We'll have spaghetti with meat/meatless sauces, and also a baked mac n cheese for those who say no to red sauce. Traditional Thanksgiving sides. If you dislike the idea of stuffing and spaghetti on the same plate, no worries, there will be garlic bread too. If you dislike all of the above, you're a weirdo and no longer invited to dinner.

- Just kidding!

- Feel free to bring a dish or dessert. Bonus points for volunteering to bring a side in comments! Super extra bonus points if you're like me and you always volunteer to bring corn even though you usually end up forgetting. You'll be the person we send to the store to "pick up a few things". \o/

- People who can volunteer to bring folding chairs will be my new favorites.

- If you need my address or more details, email me at giddygeek at gmail

eta [ profile] loveyouallwrong, I will need my spoons back. *G*

Now, for a better headcount! I had too many options in my last poll.

[Poll #1293847]
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Title: Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (what little boys are made of)
Author: [ profile] giddygeek
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Notes: 6000 words, adult. For [ profile] kalpurna, who wanted always a girl!Pete to genderswap. <3

[ profile] kalpurna, I swear this was totally ready to go Monday, and I have [ profile] dsudis, [ profile] misspamela, and [ profile] loveyouallwrong as witnesses. But I got distracted by the election, and then by a joy-hangover, so, you know, fail. I hope you like it even though it's late, and if you don't, I will come over there and beat you with a spoon, because this story was hard work. *grins*

Whether he'd admit it or not, Patrick had a type. Pete had failed to account for that in her wish-making. )
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