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It's so funny how my journal to journal migration seems like so much work to me and is so much more tedious and annoying than the transition from usenet to mailing lists to lj.

But today when I was thinking about that, I was like, man, in a way I miss atxc, which is where I posted my first piece of fanfiction and one of the first pieces of feedback was advice that I stop posting fanfiction.

So I googled atxc, and then I started thinking about how when I first started using usenet, there wasn't a Google to be googling with, so I checked out when Google was founded on Wikipedia, and then I went back in my Firefox tabs to the search for stuff on atxc; hello, web browsing ease I take for granted now that I'm not walking a mile uphill both ways (I had AOL) to get to the Gossamer archive.

I read the fanlore wiki about it (Wicked X Witches! debbilmice! 'actorfic' hee!), and there was a link to the google groups, so I went over there and the first topic is a Scully/Langly story (verdict: I do not think so, MSR 4eva!11!! how much do I still love them), and there's a story where Skinner finds Alex Krycek stripping in a gay bar.

You know I had to read the heck out of that, but I kept getting thrown because Alex Krycek, Gay Dancer kept clapping his hands and I was like, wait, he lost an arm; am I misremembering or did he like, grow it back? So then I had to look HIM up on fanlore, and he's still one-armed and probably dead, but a link led me back to Wikipedia, where I looked up Nicholas Lea because I haven't seen anything he's been in forever and I wondered what he's up to these days. That led me to the imdb page, where I realized that no, I actually have not seen anything he's done since 2004, wow, Men in Trees, Kyle XY, really. o.O

So I went back to the story and skimmed the sex scenes to figure out how Krycek got his arm back, and it turns out he didn't, it's just that he's really gorgeous and no one cares about it. He does get a new arm and a new identity where he's not a stripper anymore by the end of the story, but he keeps his stripper name, because clearly 'no one cares' means 'but he'd be better with it anyway', and he was only a gay stripper because he was like, passing time until Skinner came for him I guess. I got annoyed, and all told I'd spent a half hour wandering the internet just to wind up crabby on behalf of Jade Michales, ne Alex Krycek.

And then I realized that if I hadn't spent all that time wandering the internets poking at my very oldest fandom (1996), which is naught but a baby fandom compared to those of some folks on my friendslist...friends/subscribers lists?...I could've finished getting my dreamwidth account all nice and tidy instead of all leaving it all ramshackle the way it is now.

Too late, though, because then I devoted more time to this entry, which serves both a highly interesting and illuminating glimpse into the shiny and awesome inner workings of my mind, and my first test of the crossposting function, whoot.

Also. Um. Who wants to come over and watch like 15 episodes of the X-Files with me now? *grins*
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