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[ profile] loveyouallwrong and I went down to Philly this weekend to see Modest Mouse with [ profile] quettaser and have a sleepover with her, [ profile] mmeguilotn and [ profile] riadsala.

It was an excellent weekend -- except when a creepy guy in blue SUV was being gross at us on the highway and keeping pace/following us until I was thinking, "Seriously, wtf, do we call the cops?" Good timing for him to get off the highway. Ugh, why are some people just the skeeviest?

Uh, which does not account for our own skeeviness. In Philly, we played Patrick Sex Obstacle Course -- while he was wearing a hat? while you were both wearing hats? wearing hats, and he had his guitar? wearing hats, he had his guitar, and he was using his MacBook? okay, then you're ready for the big boss level: All of that, PLUS PETE. \o/

Also we talked about things you could shellac and put in an aquarium (a bass, goldfish, cheese whiz, a cat, Ray Toro, Ray Toro covered in cheese whiz, Ray Toro after you'd genetically altered him to be able to withstand shellacing and producing cheese whiz) vs things you could plug in and put in an aquarium (nothing, especially not a bass, even if you'd shellaced it.)

Yeah, I don't know either, but it was very funny at the time. &fangirls;

But anyway, Modest Mouse! I approve so much of bands that require 15 musicians and 40 instruments to put on a show. Mild exaggeration -- at one point, it was 9 people and 12 instruments -- but still. Two drummers! I approve! One of my favorite bands live (that I'm non-fannish about), perfect set list, great company, and nifty venue = awesome time.

It's just too bad about that 9 hour ride home. I'd be all *shakes fists*, but I don't have the energy. ;-)

Also re this weekend and its news, to the ICH commenters who are like, "Patrick is a saint of a bff," I'm just like, hello, Pete doesn't MAKE him sniff the bottle or hold the bottle, Patrick is very calmly like I WILL DO THIS THING, and then tells a gross story about other adventures in pee.

Patrick: AWESOME, but not exactly lying back and thinking of Chicago in these shenanigans. *grins*

And to close this teal deer of a post, my computer at home is randomly dead and must go in to be fixed, so my internet time for however long is going to be limited to what I can get at work. Good timing for our epic overtime, huh?


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