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You know how sometimes, you hang out with fangirls and have a lot of fun, but one thing stands out in your mind more than anything else?

Yeah, I can't stop thinking about Crowley trying to vid, but no matter what songs he starts with, they keep coming up Queen.

Fangirls? <3

In other news, I have had A Week, you guys. A really nasty one. Topped with a really, really tough day today. I need to reply to comments, and I completely forgot about the podfic of the SGA found poem, and also I'm really bad at chatting. I don't know. I'm a little down. It'll pass but just fyi, I'm behind on the internets and not pushing myself to catch up.

I have my review, a Grown Up thing that involves Suits and Being Very Social, and some etc this week. If you have spare wishes for good luck lying around, I would not be opposed to you using one or two for me.

In other other news, in the spirit of avoidance, today we watched the pilot episode of a BBC show with a vampire and a werewolf who move in together and hang out on the couch and get haunted by a ghost. It is like the story of my heart, brought to the little screen! It took us less than 3 minutes to nickname one of the characters Butt. I recommend you guys find out why for yourselves. The show was called Being Human and I guess that in the actual series it'll be mostly different actors and a little bit lighter in tone, but. The pilot, you guys. Promising. PROMISING.

Also, Lea is wrong about Criminal Minds. In case anyone was wondering. Wrong wrong like a wroooooooooong wrong headed thing, and she is more than slightly off from right. It's kind of like that time that the sign at the exit ramp promised us food, but it lied, and we were mad about it for like six months, and then we found out that the sign was actually not lying and we were just really dumb. Except it's just Lea this time, and replace sign with internet and food with Criminal Minds, and that's how wrong she is. *nodnod*

Finally, if you ever feel like curling up on the couch with Jack and Sally, I recommend you be prepared to settle in for a REAL LONG TIME. How is it that the cuter the cats, the more difficult it is to wake them up when they've decided to nap on you? I'm pretty sure I haven't moved since 2004! ♥ ♥ ♥
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