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It's so funny how my journal to journal migration seems like so much work to me and is so much more tedious and annoying than the transition from usenet to mailing lists to lj.

But today when I was thinking about that, I was like, man, in a way I miss atxc, which is where I posted my first piece of fanfiction and one of the first pieces of feedback was advice that I stop posting fanfiction.

So I googled atxc, and then I started thinking about how when I first started using usenet, there wasn't a Google to be googling with, so I checked out when Google was founded on Wikipedia, and then I went back in my Firefox tabs to the search for stuff on atxc; hello, web browsing ease I take for granted now that I'm not walking a mile uphill both ways (I had AOL) to get to the Gossamer archive.

I read the fanlore wiki about it (Wicked X Witches! debbilmice! 'actorfic' hee!), and there was a link to the google groups, so I went over there and the first topic is a Scully/Langly story (verdict: I do not think so, MSR 4eva!11!! how much do I still love them), and there's a story where Skinner finds Alex Krycek stripping in a gay bar.

You know I had to read the heck out of that, but I kept getting thrown because Alex Krycek, Gay Dancer kept clapping his hands and I was like, wait, he lost an arm; am I misremembering or did he like, grow it back? So then I had to look HIM up on fanlore, and he's still one-armed and probably dead, but a link led me back to Wikipedia, where I looked up Nicholas Lea because I haven't seen anything he's been in forever and I wondered what he's up to these days. That led me to the imdb page, where I realized that no, I actually have not seen anything he's done since 2004, wow, Men in Trees, Kyle XY, really. o.O

So I went back to the story and skimmed the sex scenes to figure out how Krycek got his arm back, and it turns out he didn't, it's just that he's really gorgeous and no one cares about it. He does get a new arm and a new identity where he's not a stripper anymore by the end of the story, but he keeps his stripper name, because clearly 'no one cares' means 'but he'd be better with it anyway', and he was only a gay stripper because he was like, passing time until Skinner came for him I guess. I got annoyed, and all told I'd spent a half hour wandering the internet just to wind up crabby on behalf of Jade Michales, ne Alex Krycek.

And then I realized that if I hadn't spent all that time wandering the internets poking at my very oldest fandom (1996), which is naught but a baby fandom compared to those of some folks on my friendslist...friends/subscribers lists?...I could've finished getting my dreamwidth account all nice and tidy instead of all leaving it all ramshackle the way it is now.

Too late, though, because then I devoted more time to this entry, which serves both a highly interesting and illuminating glimpse into the shiny and awesome inner workings of my mind, and my first test of the crossposting function, whoot.

Also. Um. Who wants to come over and watch like 15 episodes of the X-Files with me now? *grins*


Apr. 15th, 2009 10:29 am
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Thanks to [ profile] bayleaf, I've been over on dreamwidth for a couple days -- giddygeek, same as here. So far all I've done with it is add people as I see them and try to pick icons I use a lot, as opposed to icons I love omg. *G* If you're over there and I haven't found you yet, could you add me or tell me where to find you?

I've been trying to keep up with renames as they've been announced but that's something I'm particularly bad at, so unless you renamed to escape me (GOOD LUCK), please let me know.

Last night, instead of doing anything productive, I watched about 400 youtube videos. It was totally aces. 95% of them were improv group/flash mob shenanigans, and I have to tell you, I spent a LOT of time being grateful to the internets for making it easy for me to watch large teams of people be really awesome without having to, like, participate. \o/
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I require distracting tonight, and since I can't seem to focus on reading or TV, why not meme? [ profile] ignazwisdom reminded me of that photo one -- anyone want to tell me what to take a picture of?

BTW, I am very jealous of everyone's antibiotics. My doctor gave me inhalers instead of a Z-pack. I shake my fist at him, in a tired, still coughing, stuffed up, and miserable kind of way. Con crud! Harrumph.
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Who has her laptop back? ME! ME! I DO! \o/

That means: MJ PICTURES. Now, I have been trying to decide how best to share them, and what I've decided mostly because I am REALLY LAZY is that I am probably going to share them under friendslock since all but the GIANT CROWDS OF FANGIRL photos are generally of people on my friendslist anyway.

So here's what I want to do. OPT OUT if you do NOT want a picture of you to appear.

If you're on the con comm (excepting [ profile] kageygirl who I have no pictures of because she was always BEHIND ME and POKING ME because she thinks it's really funny that I never fail to squeak and jump a foot in the air), or if you're in bandom, or if you have ever slept in my living room, or if you are a drag queen, or if you're Spencer Smith's dick-on-a-stick, you're probably in one of my pictures. Also if you went to the vid show, the drag show, or were on the dance floor, there might be a tiny!you hanging around. But I promise you're mostly dressed, and you're not making out with anyone, so that's okay, right?

Anyway, if you think I might have a picture of you, and you don't want to see it on my journal under friendslock, OPT OUT. I will not mind, or be offended, or think anything of it at all, okay?

Offer is still valid once the post goes live, too. Okay? Okay. Awesome. Glad that's settled.

And now for a word from our sponsors: ♥ ♥ ♥ LAPTOP ♥ ♥ ♥
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The ladies in my office just set a new record for freak outs!

At 10:51 we received an email saying that the city is going to be working on the water, so our bathrooms would not be in operation tomorrow during the day, but the company hired portable toilets. At 10:53, someone said, with full on, earnest distress, "But I can't just wet myself all day."


I heart these ladies, ngl.

In other news, I keep jumping on my phone every time it rings, hoping it's Best Buy calling to tell me my computer is back inexplicably early and ready to go home! So far: my mom, my mom, my mom, wrong number. /o\

or nutella

Mar. 26th, 2009 05:06 pm
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overheard at work: I like celery but I need to have something with it. Like...buffalo wings.

More overtime tonight! \o/ We're getting punchy.

We just found out that we're getting a 2.5% paycut effective 4/1 for the rest of the year, but in exchange they're giving us 5 more vacation days.

I have to say that I won't desperately miss the 2.5%, and I will definitely enjoy the vacation days, so I'm not too flustered. But it does worry me -- at the same time it's kind of comforting. I think it means they realize we can't function with any less staff than we've got. Overall I'll take a 2.5 or even larger paycut over more layoffs, whether they be mine or anyone else's.

But the very very silver lining: I have 3 weeks of vacation and I'm accruing a 4th.

In other news, since I last posted, I've had to send my laptop off for repairs that will take 4-6 weeks, aggravated an old back injury and spent a couple days on percocet & muscle relaxers, and worked 13 hours of overtime. Also, I visited MissP, went to the ballet, bought one great dress for MJ and discovered that another great dress finally fit, and been hilariously oblivious in the face of a boy who was trying to get my number at Borders. Overall I'm calling the week a draw.

This time next week? I will be leaving work and heading to Boston for MJ. \o/\o/\o/

I'm so glad that half my friendslist will be there -- I've been too busy with work and overtime, and too lacking in a backup computer at home, to have completely kept up with you guys. But there many of you will be! Available for me to glom, and stalk, and harass! In realtime! It is a world of yay, and I am so, so looking forward to it. ♥ ♥ ♥
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[ profile] loveyouallwrong and I went down to Philly this weekend to see Modest Mouse with [ profile] quettaser and have a sleepover with her, [ profile] mmeguilotn and [ profile] riadsala.

It was an excellent weekend -- except when a creepy guy in blue SUV was being gross at us on the highway and keeping pace/following us until I was thinking, "Seriously, wtf, do we call the cops?" Good timing for him to get off the highway. Ugh, why are some people just the skeeviest?

Uh, which does not account for our own skeeviness. In Philly, we played Patrick Sex Obstacle Course -- while he was wearing a hat? while you were both wearing hats? wearing hats, and he had his guitar? wearing hats, he had his guitar, and he was using his MacBook? okay, then you're ready for the big boss level: All of that, PLUS PETE. \o/

Also we talked about things you could shellac and put in an aquarium (a bass, goldfish, cheese whiz, a cat, Ray Toro, Ray Toro covered in cheese whiz, Ray Toro after you'd genetically altered him to be able to withstand shellacing and producing cheese whiz) vs things you could plug in and put in an aquarium (nothing, especially not a bass, even if you'd shellaced it.)

Yeah, I don't know either, but it was very funny at the time. &fangirls;

But anyway, Modest Mouse! I approve so much of bands that require 15 musicians and 40 instruments to put on a show. Mild exaggeration -- at one point, it was 9 people and 12 instruments -- but still. Two drummers! I approve! One of my favorite bands live (that I'm non-fannish about), perfect set list, great company, and nifty venue = awesome time.

It's just too bad about that 9 hour ride home. I'd be all *shakes fists*, but I don't have the energy. ;-)

Also re this weekend and its news, to the ICH commenters who are like, "Patrick is a saint of a bff," I'm just like, hello, Pete doesn't MAKE him sniff the bottle or hold the bottle, Patrick is very calmly like I WILL DO THIS THING, and then tells a gross story about other adventures in pee.

Patrick: AWESOME, but not exactly lying back and thinking of Chicago in these shenanigans. *grins*

And to close this teal deer of a post, my computer at home is randomly dead and must go in to be fixed, so my internet time for however long is going to be limited to what I can get at work. Good timing for our epic overtime, huh?
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re: Racefail '09 (and if you live under such a big rock that you haven't seen or heard a word about it, [ profile] rydra_wong has an amazing set of links in her journal. Click them, read about it, learn something; if your head is buried in the sand, your ass is probably hanging out in the air.)

I've been reading a lot but quiet, not posting, because sometimes the things I read make me so angry. They leave me so baffled by how anyone can so stubbornly refuse to see the harm and the ignorance in their actions and their words. Sometimes I get really defensive, because it's not comfortable to confront your own privilege. Sometimes I get confused, because I understand that this isn't about me, but my reactions to the things I'm learning are so intensely personal and I want to talk about them. Sometimes I'm just really grateful that people who have no responsibility to educate anyone else have taken the time to do so, over and over and over again until some of us started to get it. Sometimes I get intimidated by how fucking smart people are, and how clearly and sometimes beautifully they express themselves.

And sometimes I get sad because it's all so complicated, and frustrating, and painful to everyone involved -- especially to those who live this in a way I can't, and those who are trying to speak without being told to drop it or change their tone by people who think they know better.

I don't really express myself very well when the conversation turns serious. I fumble like an idiot, and I don't really trust my own opinions. But I don't want my silence on this to be taken as assent -- I don't mean it to be, and the thing I understood more deeply today is that if I don't say what I mean, even if I fumble it, then what I don't say can be taken to mean anything.

So. I hope it's appropriate if after all that fumbling, I just say, I am here, and I am listening.

zombies :(

Mar. 5th, 2009 04:49 pm
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Did anyone else log in and get the undeadjournal header and a question asking whether they want to allow a 3rd party to republish their journal material?
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Hey, it's like a perfect storm of things I like!

1) Pete and Patrick
2) Singing America's Suitehearts
3) on Ellen
4) While under his hoodie, Pete is wearing a shirt that says 'Gabe is not a synonym for Sisky'


For the non-bandom people, Fall Out Boy has a song titled G.I.N.A.S.F.S., which is 'gay is not a synonym for shitty,' which, at the small club show we went to in November where they based the setlist on audience requests, Pete said they won't play live until Prop 8 is repealed. Gabe and Sisky are people in other bandom bands. That shirt is A++, and I want it. *G*

And then later, Pete, Patrick and Ellen sing Britney's 'Womanizer' in the bathroom. I approve SO MUCH of everything about this appearance, you guys. SO MUCH. ELLEN. ♥ ♥ ♥
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I could write up an entire entry about how when I wake up sick in the middle of the night, I am the most pathetic and woeful person in the world, and everything is Doom and Horrors and Worst Case Scenarios, and in the light of day I am always vaguely fascinated, amused, and repulsed by it all, but I will spare you.

Mostly. *G*

Long story short, I am home from work today because I woke up feeling sick last night. I fell down a couple times when I tried to stand up, probably because my blood pressure was low -- surgery then going off the bp meds for a couple weeks w/out supervision then going back on, um, probably made my bp a little wonky, says my doctor -- and I hurt my ankle. I feel mostly okay now. My ankle is swollen, sore and bruised, but nothing to worry about. I've been taking it slow and my head feels okay. I'm going to see my doctor again pretty soon, so unless something like this happens again we'll wait until then to decide whether I can come off the bp meds for good, but whee. I will be not be hopping to my feet real fast from a prone position again for a while. Possibly EVER.

In other news, the most soothing thing in the world is sleeping kitties. Jack snores. I luff him. And it has been a long time since I made anyone look at photos of how flipping cute he and Sally are, so here. Have some pictures of my cats.

♥ ♥ ♥ )

And while I'm thinking about it, here are some photos from the art museum. A couple weeks ago, I went to see Coraline with [ profile] janet_carter and [ profile] lordessrenegade, and then rushed home to meet a friend at the museum. It was a good day! Coraline was so fun, and I had a great time at the museum -- they were doing a flora exhibit, with a gorgeous pond and landscape in their lobby, and floral representations of art in every room. I really love that stuff and took a ton of pictures. One I got yelled at for! It was pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

The museum smelled like a garden. )

I did not take any pictures of the naked comic or sad, sad burlesque show that [ profile] loveyouallwrong and I went to go see Friday night, so I have none to share. You're welcome. *G*

Instead I will show you the video that I think is the entire reason the internet exists: treadmill kitties.

And now I will go back to bed. <3
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If you do not like this story, take it up with management -- I have no problem blaming [ profile] misspamela. She said, "Shawn and Gus hooker au!" and I said, "5 sentences?" and she said, "Okay!" so I wrote her 1300 words of Gus and Shawn not-quite-hooker not-really-au.

And then she said, "Post it to the internet or I'm telling," and I said, "Give me until next week to work on it," and she said, "Okay," and then she told the internet.

So. This will be my Valentine to you, friendslist. It's not as awesome as a Psych hooker story would be if MissP wrote it herself, and it's not beta read, but I also make Valentine's cards out of newspaper and glitter glue so, you know, that's pretty much in line with how I roll.

♥ ♥ ♥

Title: 200 Rose Petals an Hour
Author: [ profile] giddygeek
Pairing: Shawn/Gus, Psych
Notes: 1600 words (what, I worked on it a LITTLE)

Wherein -solve this thing- is a euphemism for -have a lot of sex- )

THE END. \o/
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Hi locals! Do you have plans for next Saturday, 2/21? Because I have a birthday on 2/20 and would love to celebrate.

I am thinking of dinner in -- possibly ordering pizza or Mexican? or we could make tacos, that might be fun -- drinks, and hanging out.

Going out is acceptable to me too if kitty allergies are a problem, and I can find somewhere fun and inexpensive, that is no trouble.

So. Saturday, 2/21, say 7pm. Let me know if you can make it!
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Because I am on a roll, I also bring you Merlin flashfic.

Title: in omne tempus
Author: [ profile] giddygeek
Pairing: Gwen/Morgana
Rating: R
Notes: For the [ profile] merlin_flashfic primae noctis (first night) challenge. Many thanks to [ profile] misspamela, [ profile] kaneko and [ profile] astolat for beta!

Between them, there is no king.

I did not expect my first Merlin story to be this one, that is for sure. *grins*
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Hi friendslist, hi.

I know that not a ton of you are watching Being Human, but. It is a lot of fun and I am MADLY in love with George, and if you have a source for BBC programs which I know you do because we're all watching Merlin, I recommend watching this one too. A werewolf and a vampire and their ghost roommate! What's not to love, and think about a lot, and have a million fic ideas floating around for, I ask you?

Which, speaking of. I come bearing a story!

Title: If Lost, Return To
Author: [ profile] giddygeek
Pairing: Mitchell/George, Being Human
Notes: 2700 words, adult. Many thanks to the LOTS of people who read this through for me, some without having seen the show because you don't really have to for this one -- [ profile] misspamela, [ profile] loveyouallwrong, [ profile] astolat and [ profile] kaneko. What, I've been anxious lately. *grins*

Maybe love, not the wolf, is what keeps George safe. )

That's Mitchell, George, and Annie, from left to right. ♥ ♥ ♥
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So, I rarely post the results, but I frequently do the meme/personality quiz type thingies that hit my friendslist. I did this ipersonic one and blahblah, sensitive doer, blah. But it was so right about some things!

You need a working environment without intrigue or political manipulation, and with the least possible deployment of elbows.

That's right! I DO need the LEAST POSSIBLE deployment of elbows to be happy at work! When the elbows start deploying, I say to myself, Self, this elbows thing has got to end! Then I kneecap a dude.

Their love of pleasure makes them a pleasant companion with whom one can experience intensive moments.

That's what she said!

You won‘t miss a mood change in your heart of hearts, and have a damned sensitive ear for hidden appeals. You like it that way because excessive love pledges are not your style, and you don’t continuously carry your heart on your sleeve. You prefer to demonstrate how much your partner means to you with deeds, and by reading his/her wish in his/her eyes.


And then I will go make a list of 25 random facts about me and not post it even though I got tagged like 4 times on Facebook. Oh memes, ILU. *heart on sleeve*
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You know how sometimes, you hang out with fangirls and have a lot of fun, but one thing stands out in your mind more than anything else?

Yeah, I can't stop thinking about Crowley trying to vid, but no matter what songs he starts with, they keep coming up Queen.

Fangirls? <3

In other news, I have had A Week, you guys. A really nasty one. Topped with a really, really tough day today. I need to reply to comments, and I completely forgot about the podfic of the SGA found poem, and also I'm really bad at chatting. I don't know. I'm a little down. It'll pass but just fyi, I'm behind on the internets and not pushing myself to catch up.

I have my review, a Grown Up thing that involves Suits and Being Very Social, and some etc this week. If you have spare wishes for good luck lying around, I would not be opposed to you using one or two for me.

In other other news, in the spirit of avoidance, today we watched the pilot episode of a BBC show with a vampire and a werewolf who move in together and hang out on the couch and get haunted by a ghost. It is like the story of my heart, brought to the little screen! It took us less than 3 minutes to nickname one of the characters Butt. I recommend you guys find out why for yourselves. The show was called Being Human and I guess that in the actual series it'll be mostly different actors and a little bit lighter in tone, but. The pilot, you guys. Promising. PROMISING.

Also, Lea is wrong about Criminal Minds. In case anyone was wondering. Wrong wrong like a wroooooooooong wrong headed thing, and she is more than slightly off from right. It's kind of like that time that the sign at the exit ramp promised us food, but it lied, and we were mad about it for like six months, and then we found out that the sign was actually not lying and we were just really dumb. Except it's just Lea this time, and replace sign with internet and food with Criminal Minds, and that's how wrong she is. *nodnod*

Finally, if you ever feel like curling up on the couch with Jack and Sally, I recommend you be prepared to settle in for a REAL LONG TIME. How is it that the cuter the cats, the more difficult it is to wake them up when they've decided to nap on you? I'm pretty sure I haven't moved since 2004! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Me and [ profile] misspamela have a devious plan:

giddygeek: we need to watch that movie sometime before mj
giddygeek: and then get everyone in master and commander fandom
missp: god, yes

I tried to pimp [ profile] loveyouallwrong into the books once but it didn't seem to take, possibly because I am so overcome by my love for Jack and Stephen that I go nuts and read like, dumb sentences that I think obviously prove they are MFEO but out of context, not so much. It's not my fault! It's a long series! Lots of things happen! The movie is probably a better starting point. Although, their meet-cuteness! It's a tough choice.

But anyway. Jack and Stephen, guys. They are among my very most favorites.


MissP wrote me a story about them, which is why SHE is among my very most favorites.

The Birds And. <3<3<3
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You know, today is what New Year's should feel like and never quite does.

There could be no inauguration viewing at work, so at lunchtime, Intern A and I stole Intern B's apartment keys, ran down the block to his building, and watched it on his enormous flat screen with his cats for company. I loved every moment of it. I could hardly believe that it really happened. I looked at those shots of 2 million people gathered on the Mall to celebrate, and I just had to laugh even while I was tearing up. I thought, "This is us, this is the real US."

I know that the past eight years have been us too, have been our dark side and our greed, fear and anger, but. This massive party to honor the fair election of a man who encourages us to hope and to be responsible and to break down the barriers that still keep us's much closer to the image I hold in my heart and mind of who we are and what we stand for.

We brought dignity back, you guys. We elected a man who brought class, and kindness, and respect to his first day on the job. I had forgotten what it felt like to not be ashamed of my leader. I am just flat out grateful to be reminded today, and so, so looking forward to tomorrow.

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I completely forgot to say thank you to the awesome anonymous LJer behind my the cute little polar bear on my profile! I remembered I hadn't posted yesterday when I was out shoveling, and then I forgot again. *grins* But yes, thank you for the appropriate and charming little gift!
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